Happy Valentine’s Day!

Finding Love... Where the Grass is Greener


I would like to wish my readers all the love, romance and delicious reads they can fit in on this auspicious occasion.

Can’t decide if you’re a country lover or a sexy city seducer… check out my latest novel, “The Grass is Greener” that follows two distinctly different heroines.

Today my husband and I also celebrate the 12th anniversary of our marriage. We went out for a relaxing lunch… without the kids J

These days it’s not so much about the gifts we exchange or where we go that matters. It’s more about the quality time we get to spend together. It’s always an effort to carve out a space in our hectic schedule to squander purely on relaxation and being in the moment.

Many romance writers, including myself, also consider V-day a celebration of our genre. Romance novels capture and celebrate the most precious of human experiences – falling in love. Nothing will make a character sacrifice more or go the distance further. Love is one of those mysteries that man can never completely grasp even though he can experience it so fully. And, let’s face it, it’s also provocative, heart racing, tantalizing fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you can’t be with your special someone than I hope you’re reading a great book. Preferably one of mine.

Best wishes,

Loretta Hill