Release Day for “Operation Valentine!”

If you’ve finished The Girl in the Yellow Vest and are looking for something light and fun to read, my romantic comedy novella, Operation Valentine officially comes out today! Get your e-readers out. You’re in for a treat.

When I was young and single and trying to navigate the modern dating market, (and yes, there’s a few horror stories in there) I used to hate all the hype surrounding Valentine’s day. Mostly because I felt that it just put too much pressure on couples. And if you were single, it just made you feel bad that you weren’t getting anything or going anywhere with anyone.

I guess the inspiration for this novella was all that angst surrounding Valentine’s Day. I’m sure every girl goes through it. So if you want to laugh out loud and groan in empathetic embarrassment this is the book for you. Follow Sarah Dubert’s six week mission to fall in love before big V and meet every one of Perth’s most ineligible bachelors. Yes, she does get a date with them all.

Looking forward to receiving reader comments on this one.

Happy Reading!