And the Winner is…

At last! I have a moment to stop and smell the roses.

It’s been such a crazy few weeks but I’m finally back from my tour and settled into normal life again… well, more or less. LOL! Lots of things still to catch up on – particularly the writing!

I did have such a wonderful time on “The Maxwell Sisters” Book tour that spanned half of Feb and March though. I spent time in N.S.W, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and of course, Western Australia, talking to readers, signing books and generally enjoying the sights and sounds.

I was very disappointed to have to cancel my talks in Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast when Cyclone Marcia swept into Queensland. However, at least it was in theme! Only a cyclone could stop a “Loretta Hill” book tour, right? ☺ Read, “The Girl in the Hard Hat,” if you don’t get the joke.

While I enjoyed all the cities and rural towns I visited, I would have to say the highlight was the Barossa. It was just so pretty. I took heaps of photos, some of which I have included with this post.

My audience there was so disappointed to learn that I had not set “The Maxwell Sisters” in the Barossa but in the Margaret River wine region. However, they shortly forgave me when I said, my winemaker, Adam, was from the Barossa. He brings a cheeky mischievous flavour to the book that the novel just couldn’t do without. Lucky save!

If you would like to see more photos from the rest of my tour, please do visit me on facebook where I have posted them all.

However, moving right along to the main focus of this post. I need to announce the winner of “The Maxwell Sisters” book giveaway that was offered on my blog tour with all my favourite authors earlier this year.

The winner is…

Delores Bebbington …..who posted on Catherine Hein’s Maxwell Sisters Friday Feast Blog on the 30th Jan. Congratulations!

Will you please contact me with your address and I will send you a signed copy of the book.

Thank you to all the readers who participated in this competition and also to all the authors who hosted me.
Margareta Osborn
Fiona Palmer
Rachael Johns
Jennifer Scoullar
Jenn J Mcleod
Helene Young
Catherine Hein

The View from my Hotel balcony

The View from my Hotel balcony



Me with my audience

Me with my audience



Revving up for Release

With “The Maxwell Sisters” due on shelves shortly before Christmas I’ve been doing all sorts of pre-celebration preparation. Firstly, I’ve got a new website banner! Have you noticed? Courtesy of my wonderful website designer, Paula Roe. She’s done an amazing job as usual.
I felt I really needed something fresh this year given “The Maxwell Sisters” is definitely not set on a construction site or anywhere near a jetty. I also hope to continue the vineyard theme for the next couple of books. So I think this new banner is more representative of my writing. I also love it!

Thanks to all the people who voted on my “Who am I?” poll. As you can see, the winning phrase that described my writing was, “Witty, Passionate and Real” as featured on my new banner.

In other, fantastic news – this year to promote “The Maxwell Sisters” I will be going on a three week national book tour from mid Feb to mid March. I will be travelling through Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

I’m very excited because I’ve never done a book tour this long or this extensive before and am really looking forward to meeting as many of my readers as I can. So if you’d like to catch up with me sometime in the new year, please do check my events page. I have a preliminary timetable already up. More details will follow in the next few weeks. Would love to meet you!

In the meantime, you can catch me on my blog tour about to start next month, where I talk about all the main characters in “The Maxwell Sisters” and how I was inspired to write about them. This starts on my blog, Jan 7th and then continues on the blog sites of all my favourite authors for six consecutive weeks. Hope you’ll join me for the ride and your chance to win a copy of “The Maxwell Sisters.”

Until then, hope the lead up to Christmas isn’t getting too hectic for you. I just finished all my gift buying and not a moment too soon. My kids start school holidays next week. Then the real fun begins. 🙂

If you’re stuck for a gift for mum, best friend or sister, why not pick up a copy of “The Maxwell Sisters”. Available for pre-order now and in store just before Christmas.

Good Luck!!!