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Cover Reveal for “The Secret Vineyard”

I’m celebrating my birthday today by going out for lunch, getting take out for dinner and revealing the cover and blurb of my 2018 release, “The Secret Vineyard.” Yay!

This book has been a long time coming! The past two years have been a bit of a roller coaster ride for me. Two house moves along with a few extra challenges in my family life. I’ve had to take it slow with the writing but I think it’s been worth the patience. The inspiration well got filled to the brim. So my new novel, “The Secret Vineyard” due out Jan 2018 feels just that little bit more fresher and exciting.

Without further ado, here’s the latest edition to the Loretta Hill bookshelf.




January 2018 – Penguin Random House Australia

When you’re stumbling through life, try falling head over heels …

Grace Middleton knew that her ex-husband Derek was a lying, cheating, wife-abandoning bastard.

What she didn’t know – until his untimely death – was that he was also the owner of a secret vineyard in the heart of the Margaret River Wine Region. And, much to the chagrin of his new wife, he’s left the property to Grace’s three young sons.

With the intention of putting it up for sale, Grace takes the boys to view Gum Leaf Grove. And immediately finds herself embroiled in mysteries from Derek’s past – and becomes the accidental target of the resident ‘ghost’.

Nowadays Grace believes in love even less than she believes in ghosts. So no one is more surprised than her when she’s caught between two very different men – with secrets of their own . . .

A sparkling romantic comedy about trust after betrayal, hope after regret, and falling in love after vowing never ever to do it again . . .


Big Sky Readers and Writers Festival 2016

Hi all,


Super excited about my weekend away to Big Sky Readers and Writers Festival 2016 in Geraldton starting this Friday. The slogan is “No Limits.” To me, that just says it all.

I fly out tomorrow to attend the Festival Opening at Geraldton Regional Library at 7.30pm. Looking forward to meeting and chatting with other people who can’t live without books and writing – just like me.


I’m participating in a string of events on Saturday, including a debate about Facebook. Yikes! On Sunday I’ll be giving a talk about what makes a good romantic comedy. Hope to see many fans of the genre there!


If you’re interested in attending the festival go to http://library.cgg.wa.gov.au/big-sky-program-details.aspx for full program and more details.


See you there!!


Loretta Hill

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Finding Love... Where the Grass is Greener


I would like to wish my readers all the love, romance and delicious reads they can fit in on this auspicious occasion.

Can’t decide if you’re a country lover or a sexy city seducer… check out my latest novel, “The Grass is Greener” that follows two distinctly different heroines.

Today my husband and I also celebrate the 12th anniversary of our marriage. We went out for a relaxing lunch… without the kids J

These days it’s not so much about the gifts we exchange or where we go that matters. It’s more about the quality time we get to spend together. It’s always an effort to carve out a space in our hectic schedule to squander purely on relaxation and being in the moment.

Many romance writers, including myself, also consider V-day a celebration of our genre. Romance novels capture and celebrate the most precious of human experiences – falling in love. Nothing will make a character sacrifice more or go the distance further. Love is one of those mysteries that man can never completely grasp even though he can experience it so fully. And, let’s face it, it’s also provocative, heart racing, tantalizing fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you can’t be with your special someone than I hope you’re reading a great book. Preferably one of mine.

Best wishes,

Loretta Hill


It’s release day for The Grass is Greener. I’m so thrilled to finally have this book in the hands of my readers. Happy New Year!


It’s actually a pretty fitting story for January. All about new beginnings, starting again, getting out of that rut you happen to be stuck in… and, of course, falling in love while you’re at it.


I dedicated this book to my girlfriends because friendship does play a huge role in the story as well. There’s nothing like the female bonds of sisterhood to lighten life’s pressures and make you just a little braver than you normally are.


My main characters, Bronwyn and Claudia would certainly never have been able to leave their comfort zones without the support of each other.



I’ve had a lovely morning reading a couple of five star reviews that are already circulating and setting up some radio interviews with my publicist for next week. That will be fun!

Otherwise, it’s going to be a fairly quiet day on the writing front. I say, writing front, because with four kids at home for the holidays it’s always noisy here. As for my children, they know I have another book out but I wouldn’t say they are that impressed by it. According to them, nobody reads my books except Nan. Oh dear! LOL!


We’ve got a bit of shopping and swimming lessons on this afternoon. Maybe I’ll get to see my book in store when I go out. First sighting of a new title never gets old… and even the kids enjoy that.


Anyway, wishing you all many long hours of happy reading this summer – preferably one of mine and on the beach!


Here’s to 2016!


Best wishes,


Loretta Hill



First Audio Book!

I am so excited to announce that, “The Girl in Steel Capped Boots” is going to be released as an audio book on the 1st November by W. F. Howes Ltd. Fans of the talking Book will now get to experience Lena Todd in full stereo sound. Lol! Perhaps in your car. 🙂

For me, it’s a surreal experience hearing my words read out loud by a professional actress. Sally Patience does a wonderful job and if you would like to hear a small snippet of her performance, please click on the cover image below.

“The Girl in Steel-Capped Boots” Audio edition will be available online from the 1st Nov or lobby your local library to buy it!:) Enjoy.

Cover Reveal!!!!!

It’s my birthday today and as my personal treat to myself I’m going to reveal the cover and blurb of my next novel, “The Grass is Greener.”

This is definitely one of my favourite things to do because it makes the book feel “real” even if it’s not even finished yet. LOL! I’m actually frantically writing the ending at the moment to make sure the book is ready for release in January 2016. Today however, I’m giving myself a 24 hour break from the desk to relax and have fun.


The grass always seems greener on the other side . . . until you get there.

For generations Bronwyn Stevenson’s family has thrived in the legal profession and a position at their prestigious firm is hers by right. Only problem is: she doesn’t want it.

Her best friend Claudia has always dreamed of being a lawyer, but tragedy struck and she took up the reins of her father’s vineyard instead. It was supposed to be temporary . . . now there’s no end in sight.

Bronwyn wants Claudia’s life so badly. Claudia can’t imagine anything better than Bronwyn’s job. So the friends hatch a crazy plan to swap places.

Both are determined to be the person they always thought they could never be. But achieving your dreams isn’t easy – and falling in love with the men who oppose them isn’t a good idea . . .

The Grass is Greener is a captivating novel about best friends, family and fighting for what you want, against all odds.

A Letter from Jenn J Mcleod

Hi all!

Today I received a letter from one of my favourite authors and good friend, Jenn J Mcleod. Can’t wait to get stuck into her latest release, “Season of Shadow and Light”, sounds like just my sort of story – lots of secrets and drama. See below for Jenn’s letter and also your chance to win three of her books. Good luck!

Hello Loretta,

Thought I’d write you a letter!

No, not only because I love a good rhyme, but because I have some news to share.

First of all, congratulations to you on The Maxwell Sisters. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a book that much for a long time, nor laughed that much while reading one. What a joy.

My big news is two-fold. This May saw my third book hit the shelves – Season of Shadow and Light. It is also one year since I bought my caravan with plans to #WriteRoundOz—literally and figuratively speaking. (And I’d love you to take part in my crazy author Q&A of the same name. I’m harvesting quite a lot of authors on my blog.

I admit to not having travelled too far from home as yet—only short trips in between staying close to my dad in Coffs Harbour. But by the time you’re reading this letter those plans would have kicked up a notch. And I can’t wait!

I remember hearing Di Morrissey say in an interview years ago that when she needs new book inspiration she pack up the motorhome and hits the road. I said at the time, “I so want to be like Di Morrissey.”

Well, step one—the selling the house bit, not the millions of sales bit—happened last August. It was a huge undertaking to sell (or give to charity) everything I own and become basically homeless. My downsizing was by choice—a far cry from my poor character, Aiden, who loses everything including his heart to the wrong girl. Financial ruin sends him back home to his uncle’s pub in the tiny town of Coolabah Tree Gully where the once-time executive chef is now executive chip fryer, whipping up bistro meals for a colourful bunch of locals, and stirring his cousin, Sharni.

Everything changes when rising floodwaters bring a travelling trio into town: Paige and her six year old daughter (Matilda), and Nana Alice who are taking a road trip to give Paige some space from her cheating husband. A road detour is the last thing any of them need, especially Alice who, thirty years ago agreed to a promise.

Now she’s going to have to start protecting Paige a little more fiercely because someone in this tiny town knows the truth can wash away the darkest secrets.

Sometime this season:

The secret keeper must tell.

The betrayed must trust.

The hurt must heal.

As you know, Loretta, every story needs shades of light and dark. Readers who enjoyed the fun banter and complicated lives of your Maxwell Sisters will enjoy Aiden, Paige and Alice in Season of Shadow and Light. As this Goodreads review from Peta states:

“ . . . the story had many twists and turns, moments of joy and absolute heartbreak, wonderful characters who made you laugh and cry, and too many secrets for two families to have been burdened with.”

Love Jenn

Jenn J McLeod van_4 web


Now for the exciting bit….


For your chance to WIN all THREE Jenn J McLeod novels* simply leave a comment below. From now until the end of May, Jenn drops into some of her favourite author blogs to say hello to readers old and new. She’ll then collect the comment names from each author blog post, picking a lucky winner from one major draw and announcing the name end May on her blog.

If you’d like to find out more about Jenn and her contemporary women’s fiction about small towns keeping big secrets, head on over to her website or, like me, follow the Facebook and Twitter fun.

Website: http://www.jennjmcleod.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JennJMcLeod.Author

Twitter: @jennjmcleod

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