About Loretta

Loretta was born in Perth, Western Australia, the eldest of four girls. She enjoyed writing from a very early age, spinning stories almost as soon as she could read them.

Loretta’s first novel, a short romantic comedy called Kiss and Tell was released in the USA late 2009 under the writing name Loretta Brabant.  Her debut mainstream commercial women’s fiction novel, The Girl in Steel Capped Boots was published by Random House Australia in January 2012. This story is set in the rich, Pilbara outback. Her next novel will be released in 2013.

In her almost non-existent spare time, Loretta enjoys reading, good food, great wine, and travel. Preferably all three at once.

For more information about Loretta and her novels, check out www.lorettahill.com.au


One thought on “About Loretta

  1. love the Girl in Steel Capped Boots – just bought it a week ago and was reading it at Perth Airport while waiting for the early flight to Karratha. Finished it 2 days later and loved it so much it had a second reading. Now hurry up and get the next one published!!!!!! 🙂

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