It’s release day for The Grass is Greener. I’m so thrilled to finally have this book in the hands of my readers. Happy New Year!


It’s actually a pretty fitting story for January. All about new beginnings, starting again, getting out of that rut you happen to be stuck in… and, of course, falling in love while you’re at it.


I dedicated this book to my girlfriends because friendship does play a huge role in the story as well. There’s nothing like the female bonds of sisterhood to lighten life’s pressures and make you just a little braver than you normally are.


My main characters, Bronwyn and Claudia would certainly never have been able to leave their comfort zones without the support of each other.



I’ve had a lovely morning reading a couple of five star reviews that are already circulating and setting up some radio interviews with my publicist for next week. That will be fun!

Otherwise, it’s going to be a fairly quiet day on the writing front. I say, writing front, because with four kids at home for the holidays it’s always noisy here. As for my children, they know I have another book out but I wouldn’t say they are that impressed by it. According to them, nobody reads my books except Nan. Oh dear! LOL!


We’ve got a bit of shopping and swimming lessons on this afternoon. Maybe I’ll get to see my book in store when I go out. First sighting of a new title never gets old… and even the kids enjoy that.


Anyway, wishing you all many long hours of happy reading this summer – preferably one of mine and on the beach!


Here’s to 2016!


Best wishes,


Loretta Hill




2 thoughts on “It’s OUT NOW!

  1. Hi Loretta, I have read all your books and them all. Just finished The Grass is Greener – a great book. Looking foreward to reading more of your great work in the future.My husband enjoys them as much as I do.

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