First Audio Book!

I am so excited to announce that, “The Girl in Steel Capped Boots” is going to be released as an audio book on the 1st November by W. F. Howes Ltd. Fans of the talking Book will now get to experience Lena Todd in full stereo sound. Lol! Perhaps in your car. 🙂

For me, it’s a surreal experience hearing my words read out loud by a professional actress. Sally Patience does a wonderful job and if you would like to hear a small snippet of her performance, please click on the cover image below.

“The Girl in Steel-Capped Boots” Audio edition will be available online from the 1st Nov or lobby your local library to buy it!:) Enjoy.


One thought on “First Audio Book!

  1. Loretta, just finished listening to your book, initially I was a bit troubled that the narrator sounded too Australian!!! But it really picked up the pace once the voices of Carl, Gavin and the boys started coming in. It was so typical of how Aussie blokes probably do speak when they are working out in those remote areas and workplaces, and I found it hilarious, not offensive at all. This is the first book of yours that I have read/listened to and yes, I did listen to it in the car to and from work, I think people would have wondered what I was laughing at if they saw me at the traffic lights!!

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