Bringing In “The Maxwell Sisters”

Well, it’s 2015! Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had a relaxing holiday season. Perhaps you’ve picked up a copy of my latest release, “The Maxwell Sisters,” finally on shelves this month. I’ve had a few local sightings of my book in store and am very excited to see this story out there and thriving. Absolutely love the feedback and reviews I’ve received so far. So glad readers are enjoying this novel.

As for myself, I’ve had a wonderful Christmas and have just returned from a very “Maxwell Sister” themed holiday in Yallingup – the setting of Eve, Phoebe’s and Tash’s reunion.

Photo from Down South DEC2014Every year around this time, my husband and I pack up the kids and hit the road to his parents place in the Margaret River Wine region. The kids love it and so do we. I’ve just enjoyed six fabulous days catching up with family, eating great food and drinking sensational wine. I enjoyed it even more this year because I was thinking about all my readers experiencing the exact same setting through my story. As an added bonus, I decided to cook a Moussaka. It’s the dish in my novel that brings the family all together when the sisters first arrive at Tawny Brooks Winery. I’ve eaten it many times but never actually cooked it myself, so I decided I must give it a go. Glad I did. It wasn’t half bad if I do say so myself. Especially served with a glass of Blind Corner’s spicy Shiraz.

If you’d like the recipe or want to read about the importance of this dish in the “The Maxwell Sisters,” then don’t forget to visit me, when I guest blog at Cathryn Hein’s, Friday Feast on the 30th Jan.


In the meantime, I’m about to kick off my “Maxwell Sisters” blog tour next week. Over the next couple of months, I’ll be visiting the blog pages of all my favourite authors talking about my inspiration for each of the characters in “The Maxwell Sisters.” I hope you’ll join me on the road. If you leave a comment at any of my posts on the tour,(including this one) you’ll go in the draw to win a free signed copy of “The Maxwell Sisters.”
If you’ve read the book already, please do drop by anyway and tell me what you liked about it. I always LOVE hearing from readers. The winner will be announced on my wrap up blog on the 23rd February.

Happy Reading!

Sites for Blog Tour

Jan 12th – Margareta Osborn
Jan 19th – Jennifer Scoullar
Jan 27th – Helene Young
Jan 30th – Friday Feast
Feb 2nd – Fiona Palmer
Feb 9th – Jenn J Mcleod
Feb 16th –Rachael Johns
Feb 23rd – Wrap up on this blog including the announcement of the winner of my Book giveaway.


10 thoughts on “Bringing In “The Maxwell Sisters”

  1. Just finished girl in the yellow vest, wonderful as always…………something Aussie i think our beaches are the best

  2. I just saw your book advertised in the big w catalogue! I absolutely love your books, but unfortunately I will have to wait until next month when I have a uni break to buy it otherwise nothing gets done haha Best of luck with the blog tour! I’m looking forward to reading them!

  3. Hi Loretta, my daughter is a fan of your books and I know she will be hankering after this. Actually having read the synopsis I too am looking forward to reading it. Margaret River is a fabulous setting for a story. We were down there at Christmas and couldn’t believe how much it had grown. Congratulations. Delores

  4. Looking forward to reading the ‘Maxwell Sisters” I know it will be as interesting as all the others. Love your work. Margaret

  5. I can’t wait to read “The Maxwell Sisters”. I am a nurse and a patient of mine was reading one of your books and recommended it and that is how you became one of my favourite authors.

  6. Was very excited to see your book hit the shelves in NE Vic this week, Loretta!! Also picked up a copy for my sister, who shares my love of a good old Aussie Romance, particularly your novels! The Hills are alive! 🙂

  7. I can’t wait to read one of your books – my goal this year is to read every book on the RuRo list. Not sure its an achievable goal, but I’m going to give it a smash! The Maxwell Sisters sounds fantastic so it might be the first one of yours I get to read.

  8. Hi Loretta, Am half way through The Maxwell Sisters on my ipad and loving it ….,great holiday read and also reminded me of our trip to the region in October. Did you know you got a mention in The Weekend Australian in their feature on rural romance writers and also your book was recommended in Yours Magazine? Will drop them to your mum if you like. So pleased you are having so much success…..must be very satisfying to know how many people love your books.x

  9. Hi Loretta, I’ve read The Girl in Steel-Capped Boots, The Girl in the Hard Hat and The Girl in the Yellow Vest and absolutely loved all of them! Looking forward to reading the new one 🙂

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