The Great Australia Day Blog Hop

australiadaybloghop2014Sausage rolls, beaches, kangaroos, football, pavlova, meat pies, thongs, BBQ’s, Holdens, gorgeous women, hot guys, surfing, Sunday Sessions. Leave a comment about what you love most about Australia and you’ll go in the draw to win not one, not two, but three of my FIFO books. That’s the entire series, all in honour of Australia Day.

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(Plus three bookmarks to keep track of the page you’re on)

I love my country and I think that’s pretty apparent in my novels. I try to put as much of Australia as I can into them. From our slang and way of talking, to the landscape, the weather, the wildlife and our great Aussie humour. If you’re looking for the typical Aussie bloke or the untypical they’re all in my novels plus a few feisty sheila’s to keep them honest.

In fact, there are a lot of Aussie authors celebrating Australia Day this weekend by giving away some wonderful home grown books on their blogs. For your chance to win some titles other than mine just visit Book’d out for a complete list of authors and blogs.

I know I’m going to be surfing the net this weekend. You can never have too many books! ☺

I will announce the winner one of my three book pack on my blog on the 4th February. So don’t forget to check back to see if you won.

Good Luck and Happy Australia Day.

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi


51 thoughts on “The Great Australia Day Blog Hop

  1. I love the spirit of the Australian people and it’s history. That hard working spirit was borne out of necessity to survive in the rugged outback.

  2. I love Australia, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else – when you see reports of conflicts in other countries, or visit other countries, it makes me realize we definitely are the lucky country. The friendliness of the Aussies is second to none, and the continual “watch your back” when anything happens is legendary.
    Thanks Loretta for the chance to win your books – I love your writing, and you’re definitely up there on my favourites list! 🙂

  3. I love our multicultural heritage. I live near Sydney Road in Melbourne, so I love that I can just walk down the street and hear four or five different languages spoken, see men and women wearing everything from shorts and T shirts to suits to full on goth garb, to tie-died fishermen’s pants to burkas to the inevitable black worn my just about every Italian or Greek born woman over the age of about sixty five. Not to mention hijabs, turbans, and headscarves in every possible colour and style (and hair likewise). I love the amazing food and ingredients we have access to, here, and the richness that this brings to our cuisine. I adore our changeable weather, the fact that I may live in the middle of a big city but I can still see lorikeets and gallahs on my way to work, and even though I don’t like the heat it heralds, I do love the scent of eucalyptus oil that pervades the air on hot days as I walk to the train station or the shops. We’re really very lucky.

  4. I love the easy going laid back nature that we have. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and can easily laugh at ourselves. I love our unique fauna and the fact that apart from Canberra all our capital cities are near the sea. My most favourite is that only in Australia is a thong a thong. lol

  5. I love that we have a public holiday for a horse race. And the best thing about Melbourne Cup Day is it is a Tuesday and if you’re really lucky you get to take the Monday off and have a 4 day weekend!

  6. The best thing about Australia is the the summer, beach and lovely outdoors playground we have. We can swim, bush walk and over all just have fun with no fear.

  7. What’s not to like about Australia, we have it all. Freedom, a beautiful place to live, food of all nationalities, all sorts of sport to play or watch. We can travel all around the world, but you always hear people say they are so glad to be home and what a lucky country we live in.
    I have a FIFO son and other family. I am yet to read your books but the previews look good

  8. I can’t believe how great all these comments are! I’ve really enjoyed reading and identifying with every single one of them. Thank you all for leaving these uplifting messages. Go Australia!

  9. I love the weather. I like how you can have cyclones in one part of the country, snow in another, and a heatwave somewhere else. Droughts and flooding rains pretty much sums it up.

  10. What I love about Australia… You can just be you. We have beautiful beaches, the great outback, we can going camping, fishing & hunting or just sit at home & BBQ it up with a bit of back yard cricket. Or we can sit back with a pie and beer and just watch the footy… What more do we need here in Australia…

  11. Hey Loretta!

    You know I love all your books – I bombarded you with all of them at last year’s Dymocks Perth, when you did your “book signing” day.

    I even moved mountains to get the hard copy of “Kiss and Tell”. Another awesome read.

    Haven’t got “Operation Valentine”…only cos it’s an e-book (and although I have a kindle…I hate it). I like the feel of a book in my hands.

    Your best work so far (or, so I think) is “Girl in the Yellow Vest” — just laughed and laughed through it. I found Mark Crawford’s humour absolutely perfect… he was so “dry”. He was at his funniest when he was trying to be most serious (or so it seemed) that was a F-A-I-L on his part. Fantastic, thoughtful, and I loved “The List” his wife sent to him. The turkey called Augustus was perfect too. I got a bit panic-stricken for a while when the creepy father returns on the scene. Loved how Emily and Will both got together. I even found Charlotte’s mother very amusing albeit her sad decline in mental health – she cracked me up with her Brisbane Lions caper with Will.
    Ah well..I will shut up now.

    Yellow Vest is currently doing the rounds of the Mount Hospital… but I’ve noticed that the gals are too impatient to wait for it, so they’ve bought their own copies. About time too I say.

    Anyway, seeing I have all your books, so I don’t expect another set…BUT..(always a “but” somewhere..) I would LOVE A BOOKMARK?? How about it?

    Also, I can’t find “Operation Valentine”..or is that an e-book too?? (Bummer if it is…I’d love a hard copy..or paperback).

    Also, when are you having another book signing, so I can get “Yellow Vest” autographed?

    Thanks Loretta

    Signing off as Your biggest fan (other than your husband and kids of course!!)

    Happy Australia Day!!

    Helen Crosbie
    Admissions Clerk
    Mount Hospital

    >>> My Blog 25/01/2014 12:27 pm >>>

    LorettaHill posted: “Sausage rolls, beaches, kangaroos, football, pavlova, meat pies, thongs, BBQ’s, Holdens, gorgeous women, hot guys, surfing, Sunday Sessions. Leave a comment about what you love most about Australia and you’ll go in the draw to win not one, not two, but th”

    • OMG! WOW! What an amazing comment. You’ve made my day Helen. And yes I do remember you from that book signing because you brought that hard won copy of “Kiss and Tell” with you. Thank you so much. Yes, “Operation: Valentine” is an e-book but my other e-book Novella, “One Little White Lie” will be coming out in print in May as part of an anthology called “All My Love.” So definitely look out for that. Also please email me your postal address at and I’ll mail you enough bookmarks for all the ladies at Mount Hospital. Cheers!

  12. Awesome! Tough chicks in male dominated environments set to an Aussie backdrop.

    The best thing about about Australia, is us. We’re Aussies, there’s no one in the world quite like us. We’re not afraid to go balls to the wall and don’t care if you’re black, white or purple, we all sweat on 45 degree scorchers, we all pay too much for electricity but one thing’s for certain, how many of us actually use the term G’day? 😀

  13. Hi Loretta,

    Looks like you’ve got an awesome giveaway here. I’ve read the first two of your FIFO books and loved both of the heroines and your descriptions of the Pilbara.

    What do I love most about Australia? Hmm. Probably the diverse landscape, people and cultures.

  14. I love Australia for the same reason that Lena did in The Girl in Steel Capped Boots. It is intriguing and addictive, in it’s own mysterious and beautiful way. I related to that book the most, being a Perth office girl who made the move to the Pilbara being skeptical, and then finding that it’s somewhere that never leaves you again. It becomes part of your heart and soul, which always seems to bring you back to where matters most. Australia is more than just a country…it’s a way of life. A way of life that I for one, will never, ever take for granted.

      • If definitely does..and strangely, wearing steel caps and fluoros becomes the fashionable thing to wear! I definitely miss it now that I’m back in Perth, and ultimately have read your books more than a few times! Thank you so much for your writing, it is extremely relatable and makes city life bearable again! 🙂

  15. I love the amazing variation in the landscapes of our wonderful country ….. From the dry outback to the tropical rain forests. We live in a very diverse, but beautiful country!

  16. The beaches! No other place in the world has beaches like we do!
    Bit jealous that you get to go tomorrow *pouts* My cold means I’ll be stuck at home, gah!
    Happy Straya Day!

  17. I love how Australians all pull together to help each other when the proverbial hits the fan.
    If they don’t, well…….they’re not true blue.

  18. Wow Loretta what a great giveaway! I haven’t had the chance to read any of your books yet but they are on my list (I have a very long list) I would love to win them. I love that they are set in Australia, I love reading books with an Australian setting because I feel a much greater connection to them.
    So why do I love Australia? I love our landscape – our beautiful beaches and rain forests. I love the shape of Australia! Our unique animals. I love that we have some of the greatest novelist in the world. I love that we have free healthcare (you hear some horrible stories from the US) I love how we come together to support each other when tragedy strikes. I love everything about Australia and am so glad to be born here.

  19. I love the way Aussies always lend a hand and dig deep when our fellow Aussies are doing it tough. So glad I was born an Aussie

  20. As the old Ad says “Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars” – these to me are a pretty fair representation of what I love about Australia! And I think Australia Day is a great time to reflect on how lucky we all are to live in Australia, when compared to so many other places in the world… Happy Australia Day everyone!

  21. Australia is a huge place but it can be quite small at times! I live in Melbourne but ran into friends in QLD whilst on my honeymoon! We’re a friendly bunch, us Aussies. We love to cheer on the underdog! And we love to share our culture with whoever crosses our path! I wouldn’t want to live anyone else!!

  22. I love that we have about 7 unofficial national anthems – you can go anywhere in the world and start singing Waltzing Matilda, You’re the Voice or Khe Sanh and if there is an Aussie nearby, you can guarantee that song will be sung with enough passion to make Heidi Fleiss blush!

  23. This is a fantastic blog hop. So many fabulous Aussie authors giving away books!

    Loretta, your opening line has put the idea of a sausage roll into my brain. I love those things. Such a pity all the delicious foods also tend to be the naughtiest. Sigh.

  24. I love the good, sweet old pav…with strawberries and kiwifruit decorated on the top…and our she’ll be right attitude towards everything and how we band together when others are in need e.g. black saturday or the queenslands floods.

  25. Wide open spaces- that’s something I’m sure I’d miss if I had to live in another country. We must be the luckiest ever for fresh air and room to move.

  26. I love Australia’s quietness. I’m not talking about the silent Outback nights when the loudest noises are those made by insects, although I love those, too. I’m talking about the quiet ways in which millions of Aussies help millions of other Aussies, and billions of people around the world, just because they need a bit of help, a hand up, a warm welcome, a second chance, a ‘fair go’. They don’t do it for fame, because they almost never get that. They don’t do it for fortune, because they REALLY never get that. They don’t do it for riches stored up in heaven, or to receive some kind of favour in return, or because anyone asks or expects them to. They just do it because it needs to be done, and because they CAN do it. There are a very few Australians who do and say hateful, shameful things. Those Australians I do not love. I love the quiet Australians, the very many Australians who do kind, generous, decent things and say nothing about them at all.

  27. Hm, I have never been to Australia but I love reading the books of Australian authors, so my wish becomes even stronger to visit your country. 🙂

  28. I love the passion for Aussie Rules, one comment and you can fire anyone up. And I love my 3 year old son saying ‘see ya’ to everyone.

  29. What a great post, Loretta.
    I love the fact that we can travel a couple of hours, and see a complete change of scenery; from the city to red outback country towns; the beach to the forest.
    The diversity, the multi-culturalism, our sense of humour, our generosity, and our great Aussie fighting spirit.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win copies of your books.

  30. It’s my home, its where I grew up,its where I met my husband, it’s where I built my life, its where all my memories are, it’s where my beautiful children were born and where they will grow up, and build a life, and make memories, and meet there husbands and have their children, I couldn’t think of a better place to love and live, Australia is my home, my life, and my everything as far as I’m concerned there’s nothing better!!!!

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