Where have I been?

Yes, my blog has been quiet this New Year. I’ve been busy. 🙂 With “The Girl in the Yellow Vest” fresh on the shelves I’ve been hit up quite a bit this month for interviews and invitations to guest blog. My Facebook and Twitter sites are also extra busy. It’s been quite hectic just keeping up with reader comments and sending some back myself. Not, that I’m complaining. Love, love, love chatting to readers and receiving feedback, hearing about book sightings in remote stores and talking incessantly about the project I’ve been keep under wraps for a whole year and is now finally out there. Yay! Hope everyone’s enjoying it. Have been receiving some wonderful reviews, so am quite chuffed myself.

In case, you’ve been missing me on the blog these last few weeks, thought I’d give you a couple of links to posts I’ve done this month on my friends sites to reach new readers and also celebrate the release of “The Girl in the Yellow Vest”. I’ve written letters to Rachael Johns and Margareta Osborn. I’m also on the Random House Blog today talking, “Eight things You Don’t Know About FIFO life.” I had a lot of fun with that one so please do check it out.

In the meantime, I might leave you with a fun pic sent to me by one of the staff at Random House who happened to spot this at Melbourne Airport. Love it! Love it! Love it! Actually I just love release month in general.

MEL102 Random - Girl in the Yellow Vest (2)

Happy Reading.



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