Yes, I’ve been Quiet

I know. I haven’t said much lately but that’s actually a good thing because I’ve been busy writing up a storm. I have a deadline for my next novella mid-November. (Blurb to be revealed soon) I’m having such a ball writing this one. It’s a cheeky little tale about an unlucky city girl’s search for her Valentine.

But that’s not all that’s been keeping me offline. The weekend before last I submerged myself in Genrecon. I use the word submerge because I didn’t even come up for air to tweet much about it while I was there. Sorry about that. I was just too absorbed in learning new stuff about other genres and also my own.

It’s too difficult to summarize everything I took away with me from Genrecon in this one blog but I thought I’d give you the THREE TOP WRITING TIPS that three prominent guest speakers shared at the convention.

Valerie Parv

1. Value your time in dollars. (Know your writing’s worth and treat it like a job with an hourly rate)
2. Make writing a habit.
3. Allow yourself thinking time

John Connelly

1. Finish everything you start
2. Edit, edit, edit
3. Don’t press send to get an immediate fix.

Keri Arthur

1. Treat it like a job. If not a first job than as a second job.
2. Write every day. Writing is a muscle that needs to be exercised to keep it in top condition.
3. Finish the book, then worry about it.

So I guess the over arching advice here, which I totally agree with, is that to be a published writer you need to realize first that what you’re doing is not a hobby. Even if you aren’t paid for it yet. Respect it and it will respect you!

Happy writing and reading.