I’m Finished!!!!!!

finishedWoo hoo! At 1.54pm today, yet another historic moment happened in the life of Loretta Hill. I finished my third rural romance for Random House. So happy and relieved to finally have a complete manuscript.

It’s sitting pretty at 110 600 words, so I’ve got a lot of cutting and editing to do but I’m definitely thrilled with the way the story has turned out.  Am looking forward to trimming and massaging it into a real beauty.

It’s my birthday this weekend. So I don’t think I’ll start editing till Monday. Need to give myself some time out to celebrate! Just purchased Jennifer Scoullar’s new one, “Currawong Creek.” So might curl up with that tonight or my fav chick flick as a reward. Whatever takes my fancy, really.

Somebody bring out the chocolate. I’m having a binge!



Yellow Vest – Cover Reveal!

This week on the blog I’m very excited to reveal the cover of, “The Girl in the Yellow Vest” due out in Jan next year. I think the colours are very eye-catching and there’s a great hint there in the background that we’re on the lush Queensland coast rather than the Pilbara. It’s been really fun writing in a new setting and can’t wait till this book hits the shelves. Just got to finish it first. Last 8000 words, here I come!!!

Yellowvest final

We have a Blurb!

Just inRandom House has just given me the green light to release, the blurb for “The Girl in the Yellow Vest.”  This book is due out January 2014. Looking forward to it.

And now here’s the official blurb….

The Girl in the Yellow Vest

By Loretta Hill



‘We can’t choose who we fall in love with. It could be our best friend or … our worst enemy.’


Emily Woods counts cracks for a living. Concrete cracks. So when her long-term boyfriend dumps her, she decides it’s time for a change of scenery. Her best friend, Will, suggests joining his construction team in Queensland. Working next door to the Great Barrier Reef seems like just the sort of adventure she needs to reboot her life…until she realises that Will is not the person she thought he was.


Charlotte Templeton is frustrated with the lack of respect FIFO workers have for her seaside resort. But picking a fight with their tyrannical project manager, Mark Crawford, seems to lead to more complications than resolutions. The man is too pompous, too rude, and too damned good looking.


As both women strive to protect their dreams and achieve their goals, they discover that secrets will come out, loyalty often hurts, and sometimes the perfect man is the wrong one.

Procrastination! Don’t you hate it.

procrasThis week “The Girl in the Yellow Vest” is sitting pretty at 84 000 words and I’m really happy with that. If only the finish line didn’t seem so far away! At this point in the process, I always suffer terribly from procrastination. Much more, in fact, than any other point in my novel. Even blank page, chapter one!!  Generally, I’m quite an organized, disciplined sort of person. I have my schedule and I stick with it. Nothing usually distracts me from my path or my characters. But at this stage of the story, I always seem to be looking for other things do.  And I’m not talking fun things either. Last night, I washed dishes instead of turning on my computer. Is that desperate or what!


I do have a theory about why I get like this. I think I’ve actually fallen out of love with my own story. I’ve created all these story threads and now I have to tie them all into a nice neat bow to create the perfect ending. Don’t get me wrong, I actually do know how I’m going to tie them together, so it’s not writers block, it’s just, “bah, too hard! Can’t be bothered.”


Like Jack and Jill. I can see the well. I know I’ve got to get the bucket and climb up the hill. It’s simple.  Put one leg in front of the other but all I want to do is go see the ginger bread man instead. He’s much more exciting and delicious!


When I’m at this point, I guess, I know everything is going to be okay so the story, for me anyway, has lost it’s intrigue. And now it’s just work.  Do you know what I mean? I wonder if I’m the only writer who suffers from 80% itos…