Theme Songs

handsI don’t know about other writers but all my books would have what I call theme songs. That is, a song that makes me think about my current work in progress whenever I hear it.  For “The Girl in the Hard Hat,” it was Lego House by Ed Sheeran. Whenever I heard this song, I’d just think of Gavin and his desire to protect Wendy.


This year while writing, “The Girl in the Yellow Vest,” there have actually been two songs that have been a source of inspiration. I think this is because I have two heroines rather than one. Both my leading ladies are very different and so are their relationships with my leading men.


The first song that always makes me think of my manuscript is “Let Her Go” by Passenger. This song seems to be very big right now. But every time I hear it on the radio, it puts me right into my hero, Mark Crawford’s, head.   The song is about having loved someone and lost them. It’s about how the grief associated with that loss has coloured the rest of your life.  You can’t see how you can ever be happy again. The verses are particularly moving. They talk about the emptiness in life and how dreams seem inaccessible because you don’t believe you can achieve them anymore.


When my novel starts, Mark Crawford is in a very bad place and it does take the tenacity and persistence of Charlotte Templeton to pull him out of it. Their story has some really dark places but it will make uniting them in the end that much more satisfying.


On the other side of the coin, is “Everything has Changed” by Taylor Swift.  In general, I love most of Taylor’s songs. Other than the fact that she’s a country singer, most of her songs are like little stories, with beginnings, middles and ends.  This song always makes me think of my heroine, Emily Woods. The song is about waking up one morning and realizing that everything has changed because you’ve met someone and shared an instant connection.


In my novel, Emily Woods and her hero, Will Steward are best friends. They’ve known each other since forever. So while Will is not someone Emily just meets there is definitely a point in the story when she realizes that, “Everything has Changed.”


The song is full of love, joy and excitement. And that’s how I feel whenever I put these two on the page together. I’m just in the finally chapters now and their union is shaping up real sweet.


Looking forward to sharing this book with you all next Jan. Stay tuned for the blurb coming soon!


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