Writing Through Tears

Loretta’s Pen Pals : Letter 7

As I have someone in my life very dear to me currently battling with cancer, Mandy Magro’s new book, “Flame Tree Hill” really struck a chord. I think the hardest thing to write about it is the triumph of the human spirit. Showing it well is a challenge but if you get there, it could be the most inspiring writing you’ve ever done. And that’s what art is all about… moving people. 

I was really pleased to receive Mandy’s letter today, also addressed to my other WA writing pal, Fiona Palmer. It’s always great to hear how other writers have found their story.  Check it out…

G’day Fee and Loretta,


Thanks for inviting me onto your blog today. I’m thrilled to be sharing the inspiration behind my third novel, Flame Tree Hill.


High Reso FTH newFlame Tree Hill is of course, fictional, but it is also heavily based on my best mate’s, Joanne Jackson’s, breast cancer journey. Jo has battled breast cancer not once, but twice!!, and has survived. She is an amazing woman with an inspiration story that needed telling. So, with her approval, I delved into her world through her diaries that she kept throughout her heartbreaking journey. And boy oh boy, was my keyboard quite often covered in tears! And it’s hard to type when your vision is blurred too, I might add!


As a mate, I was there throughout her cancer, but never did I know the darkest emotions and terror my beautiful Jo had felt. It was only in her diaries, did she let everything spill from her heart and mind, and when reading what she went through, mentally, physically and emotionally, it tore my heart to shreds.  I just hope that I have given her story justice in Flame Tree Hill. And I reckon it’s going to be one that the readers will need a box of Kleenex, or three, beside them as they read.


But, it’s not all going to be sniffles, with Flame Tree Hill also having many laugh out loud moments combined with the beauty of a deeply moving love story. I’m hoping it will tick all the boxes for my readers.


I thoroughly enjoyed writing Flame Tee Hill, even though I shed enough tears to fill the ocean as I did so. It is a novel that will always remain very close to my heart and one that I hope can reach out and touch the people that are either going through cancer, supporting someone with cancer, or have sadly lost a love one to this terrifying disease. Lets just hope and pray they find a cure soon.


Mandy xoxo 


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViQdxHGRO3w trailer for Flame Tree Hill



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