Finding the time…

portraitJust recently, we had a family portrait done. It was so hard to get all our kids looking at the camera at the same time and then also smiling. In fact, to be honest, that particular scenario never happened. The picture I’ve included with this post is the best we could muster out of the thirty shots we took.  Still, I look at this photo and I feel lucky. Life wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without my four little wonders and my tired but ever charming husband.


People often ask me. How do you do it?  With four kids under six years old where do you get the time to write? You must be superwoman.


Yep that’s me.

(laughs hysterically)


Seriously, I claw my way through life by the tips of my fingernails which are definitely chipped rather than varnished.  It certainly feels that way this week with my eldest son under the weather with a stomach bug.  I’ve washed enough clothes and bed sheets in the last few days for a small country town. And you can bet your last cup cake they still won’t be dry tomorrow. Damn, winter is the pits.


Due to all my day time duties, I write mostly at night when the kids usually go to bed. I say “usually” because it’s not always a guaranteed thing though we’re working on that.


But most of all, I look forward to Fridays because that’s when I have help. I have a nanny who looks after the children while I lock myself away. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Thank God it’s Friday!”  I think many women make the mistake of trying to do it all with out asking for any help at all.  I know because I tried that last year and made myself incredibly sick because of it. It’s simply not possible to be everything to everyone all the time.


So when people ask me what’s your secret, I always say it’s not me, it’s them! As in, all the people who help me, whether it be sympathy or babysitting… every little bit counts.


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