A Letter from Kim Lock

Loretta’s Pen Pals : Letter 6

Becoming a mother, whether for the first time or the fourth time is a life changing experience. There are not many occasions where you can feel both joy and terror at the same time.  The birth of every one of my children has been a monumental event for me.  And I’m sure many women would say the same of their own kids. I’m not surprised that my good friend, Kim Lock decided to write a book about it or that this particular story resonates with so many people. Just got a letter in my mailbox today letting me know it’s on the shelves and ready to buy. Looking forward to this one!



Dear Loretta,


How are you? Congratulations on The Girl in The Hard Hat — it’s fabulous! If it weren’t for children needing nappies changed, Vegemite sandwiches made, or train tracks wrestled into place, I would have devoured it in one sitting…


As I sit down to write to you, autumn is breathing a chill into the air. I’m surrounded by slabs of bench-top off-cuts, half-unpacked boxes and a litter of carpentry tools. We’ve recently moved to our run-down ‘renovators delight’ in the gorgeous Barossa Valley, and it seems we can’t decide what to do first—rebuild the kitchen, or unpack. So we’re doing both at once.  As a result, neither is being done with any real haste!


As much as I love Adelaide, the born and bred country girl in me is delighted to be back in the fresh eucalypt scented air, free of the city buzz. Despite the fact that the backyard I can see through the window (whose frames blister with peeling, decades-old paint) is a serious OH&S hazard as it doubles as a renovator’s dumping ground, I feel so lucky to be nestled our very own delicious slice of South Australia.


Speaking of delicious slices of Australia, I’m off to Darwin next weekend to promote my brand new novel, Peace, Love and Khaki Socks. Can you believe the publication date was yesterday? Where did all that time go?


With my debut novel now hitting bookshelves, I am finding the need to pinch myself. After all that writing and rewriting, searching, waiting and hoping for a publisher, then more rewriting … it hasn’t really sunk in that the book is actually out—it’s a real book! It’s taken about three years from beginning the first draft to now—but I think in reality this book has been more like 30 years in the making. Now, every day there is something new to do, reviews to read, questions to answer. Reaching readers in a fast-paced and crowded industry means I’ve been thrown into the world of PR overnight. It’s nerve-wracking and exhilarating all at once, isn’t it?


PLKS_coverPeace, Love and Khaki Socks is the story of one woman’s journey through an unexpected pregnancy. As Darwin’s monsoon season gathers in the tropical atmosphere, twenty-four year old ‘Army wife,’ Amy Silva, struggles to reconcile her pregnancy with a haughty obstetrician and a whole lot of peeing. As a tropical cyclone threatens, Amy shocks everyone with a decision to homebirth. It’s a funny, shocking and heart-warming tale of one woman’s search for peace.


It was my own journey through an unexpected pregnancy that inspired this story. Through my pregnancies I read many other women’s stories, and I discovered a whole world of pregnancy and childbirth that we don’t often hear about, or read about. It was this often unheard tale I was drawn to tell.


Well, the kids are exclaiming that their TV show has finished, thusly ending my time at the keyboard.


Take care, and keep writing!
Kim xo



Publisher: http://midnightsunpublishing.com/books/peace-love-and-khaki-socks/



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kimlockauthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kimlockauthor


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