How I got to Half Way

HalfwayWell, it’s official. I am halfway through, “The Girl in the Yellow Vest” and very excited to be. Just sent off the first half to my publisher yesterday. There’s a lot of comedy in this one and I’m just loving writing it.  Getting to the middle was definitely a milestone for me and I’m breathing a lot easier now that I’m over the hump. And what a hump it was!


The first half is always the hardest. It was the same with Boots and Hard Hat.  As I don’t plot my books, it’s really hard to know if the story is going to be any good until I get to fifty per cent.  Actually, I usually have a crisis around the 40 000 word mark because I know it has to be better!


In my last book, I had a lot of problems with Gavin. This time, it was my heroine Charlotte, who was giving me grief. I wanted her to be strong, gutsy and a fighter but I’d given her such a crippling internal conflict that I couldn’t make her stand up for herself without all her baggage standing in the way. So just before I hit halfway I had to go back and change it all. Not completely but a good solid tweak. The problem with the way I write is that I don’t know what road to take until I’ve taken the wrong one first which is a rather frustrating methodology.  With the first couple of books I wasn’t sure whether I had a process, now I’m pretty sure I do.

This is my process.


Step 1: Do a crap version

Step 2: Panic

Step 3: Eat chocolate

Step 4: Eat more chocolate

Step 5: Realize a re-write is needed

Step 6: Procrastinate and try to talk self out of re-write as it’s a lot of work and do you really, really, want to be doing that when the kids are on school holidays, your husband is sick as a dog and the cleaner has taken a month off to go visit her mum in Thailand. Hello!

Step 8: Do the re-write

Step 9: Marvel at shiny new MS and wonder why I didn’t do it this way in the first place.


So I guess next year, I’ll just pre-buy the chocolate.

Onto the next half!

Happy Reading.


13 thoughts on “How I got to Half Way

  1. Oh Golly. So glad I’m not the only one who goes through this particular process 😉 But I have an extra step … 4a) ring my best-est writing friend and buddy, Kate Belle, and whinge how ‘It’s not WORKING!’

  2. Haha – I have to tell you my process is exactly the same. This time I have EXTRA pressure because – long story – but I ended up with 2.5 months to write 100k. I’m now at 65k and a month to go and I’m just hoping there’s some gold in amongst the rubble.

    • OMG, you too, Rach?! And here I was getting so jealous of your incredible word count tallies on F/B. Now I understand and I empathise because my boat (i.e. current writing life) looks remarkably similar. We can do it! 🙂

  3. Your girls are all making me feel better. I’m at about 40,000 too Loretta and like Rachael I have a couple of monthes to finish it rewrites and all. Nice to know I’m not alone!

  4. Oh snap! Another one here echoing that I write the same way. Although I tend to repeat steps 1 and 2 several times over. Insert a few gazillion cups of tea in there, too. Be reassured that the end product is terrific, Loretta, you’ve got a couple of brilliant books under your belt! Kim xo

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