Why does Mark Crawford love Charlotte Templeton?

proposalI love movies. Actually, I like anything with a story in it. I’m just a big fan of “story” in any shape or form. In terms of films, I watch all genres from Sci-fi to Thriller, action to fantasy…. and of course the romantic comedy. For some genres I need to be in a certain mood for it or it needs to be a particular time of day. Eg. Period dramas – Sunday afternoon. Action flick- Friday night! But as for romantic comedies… I’m always in the mood for a romantic comedy. I mean, you can’t go wrong. Who doesn’t like a belly laugh, followed by a happily ever after.

Of course, some romantic comedies are better than others. Sadly, there are many out there that I have to wonder… which director picked this up and thought it was a winner? For me, these films fall apart when the characters just have no motivation to fall in love. You know the films I’m talking about. The hot guy finally tells the gorgeous girl that he loves her when she’s been nothing but a bitch to him the entire film. Yes, banter makes for great comedy.  But a quirky premise won’t create a relationship. If your hero and heroine do nothing but bicker and manipulate each other it’s a little unrealistic for them to suddenly say, “Oh I love you,” at the end. These stories literally beg the question of the hero, “Why? Why do you love this girl?” Unfortunately in some romantic comedies, this question is never answered. My favourite movies are those that spend time answering this exact question.  I guess it’s the same for books.

I’ll give you an example. In the romantic comedy, “The Proposal,” (one of my favourites, and that’s not just because Ryan Reynolds is such a hottie) the hero and heroine do have many arguments. These little spats are funny to watch, however, amongst all the fighting they also have a few non-confrontational moments where they are just getting to know one another. Ie. Discovering new things about the other person they didn’t know before that surprises them and makes them think. This pushes their relationship to the next level of emotion and trust. In the climatic wedding scene our heroine sacrifices her needs for the heroes benefit. Suddenly we move from deep understanding into love. It makes sense. My question is answered. Yes, I can see why he loves her.  It’s presented in a rather over the top fashion, but I get it. As oppose to other movies, which I won’t name, where the  couple disagree for most of the film and then suddenly, there’s a chase scene and they’re together. Hello! I need more.

This is exactly what I’m trying to achieve with the “The Girl in the Yellow Vest.” At the moment, I’ve got two people who don’t like each other, fight every time they meet and generally look upon each other with tolerant distaste. Mark, my long suffering hero, who hates the world because of what it has done to him, and Charlotte, a woman trying to make the best of bad situation. Somehow, I have to move their relationship into the next level of emotion and trust. The best way to do that is through exploring  their internal conflicts. So I’ve just been brainstorming and brainstorming and brainstorming….  Let’s hope I get this hook up right. Wouldn’t want to mess up the answer to this crucial question.

“Why does Mark Crawford love Charlotte Templeton?”

Have a great week!


5 thoughts on “Why does Mark Crawford love Charlotte Templeton?

  1. I so agree with what you’ve said about motivation and turning points for the hero and heroine, Loretta. I’m facing the same challenge with my current couple (M&B) who are divorced. I want them to get back together (I guess it’s every child of a divorced couple’s fantasy at least). they’ve been fighting, but I have to write a few scenes now where they dig deep and really understand each other on a new level. Good luck with yours. It’s another great title.

    • Thanks Barbara! Good luck with yours too. That would be tough… two people who are divorced would have so many pent up past hurts. Looking forward to seeing you tackle this premise!

  2. Sometimes
    Love just does not need a reason
    It can be as simple as one resonating considerate move or caring action that you observe about the person
    You are in love!

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