A Letter from Fiona Palmer

Loretta’s Pen Pals : Letter 3

Today when I went to my mail box I received a very interesting update from bestselling rural romance author, Fiona Palmer whose new release, “A Sunburnt Country” is kicking up a storm. But who knew a trip to Italy and a YA novel was on the cards as well? I certainly didn’t and was suitably intrigued… here’s what she had to say….

Dear Loretta,

Just wanted to say congrats on another wonderful book. Have you started on the next one yet? Is it a follow on?

I’m rather busy. This week I have been to Perth to book our trip to Italy for the end of September. I’m very excited. This trip will also be a research one to tie in with my 6th book. Tonight I have our progress meeting at our community centre, which is our old primary school that closed in 1998. I’m the secretary so I need to have the agenda ready and take minutes. We will also discuss a grant I applied for on behalf of progress. And now I’m about to organise for my kids to go to some Tennis lessons which are held at a Tennis court 80k away. (Our Tennis Club folded last year.)

On the writing front, I’m currently working on my YA book, in between doing promo for my new book that’s out now. I have this YA book finished, I’m just going back over it doing edits.

I’m hoping to send off my YA manuscript to find a publisher soon, and in the meantime we will be working on the 5th book which is called The Outback Heart….but only until we come up with another name for it.

The best thing I love about writing is that it can take me away into another world. Not that I want to escape my life, as to me its perfect. But I’ve always had an over active imagination and writing really lets it become a useful trait. lol

TSCI’m also very excited because my latest release The Sunburnt Country is currently on the shelves.
It’s about a local mechanic Jonelle, who loves her town and its people. She is also a big fan of Torana’s and races speedway. But her lifestyle is in jeopardy with the area suffering the affects of drought and it’s hampered even more when the new city bank manager arrives into town. He’s the last person Jonny wants to be attracted to.

My inspiration for this novel came about when our area went through a drought. I wanted to show how it not only affects the farmers, but the people who work for farmers and the businesses in the local towns. It’s a community as a whole that feels it. It also gave me a chance to write about a female character close to my heart. Jonny is probably the one character whose most like myself with the love of cars and speedway racing and she’s doing a job I would have loved. If I could do high school over again I would have done workshop. Mind you, the old cars are a lot easier to work on not like these modern ones with computers. It kind of takes the fun out of it.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a great week Loretta and that all your lovely children are letting you have some writing time.

twitter: @fiona_palmer


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