Reviews are In!

HardHat cover finalWell, this week reviews are in. In fact, my book is doing a bit of a blog tour between 3rd and 12th January where different reviewers posts their thoughts on Hard Hat every day. Very nerve-wracking for me, let me tell you! I have been biting my nails for the past five days. So far all nice reviews though. In fact, some of them are glowing, so very, very pleased! I’ve posted a few links below so if you want to check them out, feel free.
It’s always lovely to get feedback whether from a reviewer or a reader. After all, we writers write to be read. When you’ve put a lot of effort into a particular scene or character, it’s satisfying to know it worked or it got noticed. As a writer I also like to know how I can make my books better… more entertaining.
Well, enjoy your summer reading and I hope The Girl in the Hard Hat is on your list!

List of Reviewers so far:


6 thoughts on “Reviews are In!

  1. Hi Loretta, I’m halfway through (kindle edition) and I love it, love it. So far the story is very vibrant and funny. I also love it that Lena and Dan are not forgotten. So nice to meet “old friends”. 🙂

    Thanks for describing the jetty and the machinery and making it all so vivid; very visual. I’ve been checking out Point Lambert on Google Earth and when you zoom, you can actually see the jetty with the boats right next to it. At least I assume they are boats and not loading facilities.

    The only problem I have now is to ration my time spent with Wendy and Gavin; otherwise it’ll be over all too quickly. 😦
    And your next book isn’t even written yet. Eeek!!!!

    Many thanks to your publishing house, as the book was available to me via Yay! That was not the case for your first book, where I had to source it directly in Australia.
    So congrats to you for another wonderful and witty read.

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