Yesterday I met my Publicist!

So I wasn’t going to do another blog this week and to tell you the truth I really don’t have the time. I’m about to go on a blog tour so have heaps of pre-blogging to do if that makes sense. But this week I actually did have something interesting happen to me that was writing related.
My publicist came over for a cuppa yesterday afternoon.
I can hear the, “So what?” chiming in the background. You don’t understand. My publicist coming over to my place for coffee is something that doesn’t happen often. Okay, it’s never happened. And that’s not because my house is a complete mess and I only have instant… which in hindsight is probably a good enough reason for her to stay away. That and the fact that I really meant to brush my hair and put on some make up before she came over. But one thing led to another and well … she caught me in my “mum” gear. But I digress. The reason we never catch up is because she lives in Sydney and I live in Perth. So we’ve been having this telephone/email relationship for over a year now and I have never met her in person despite all the great work she’s been doing to promote my books. So when we found out she’d be in Perth for a few days couldn’t resist teeing up a meet and greet.
It was great to finally meet Jess, in person. My kids were excited too. In fact, I think when her taxi rocked up at 1.50pm they thought she’d come to see them. My boys wouldn’t stop chewing her ear off about “Transformers.” Luckily, Jess knew all the lingo and managed to keep two conversations going at once. One about Optimus Prime and his team of unbeatable autobots and the other about media releases, books tours and competitions for writers. I gotta say, she really is one talented lady.
She’s got me really buzzed about kicking off promo for “The Girl in the Hard Hat,” come Jan. Sigh. I have a lot of work to do!


One thought on “Yesterday I met my Publicist!

  1. Wow! A great day to finally meet (in person) your publisher. I enjoy your blogging-on. You talk like you write….which is a good thing. Hanging out for the Hard Hat gal… January can’t come quick enough. Helen

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