Chapter One

I’ve noticed that writers often to like to make announcements on the blog or social networks when they have finished a novel.  The want to tell the world, “I’ve finally written, THE END.”  Not that I blame them. I’ve done it myself. Writing a novel is such a huge undertaking. You wouldn’t do it unless you loved it. It’s hard work and sometimes quite draining emotionally and intellectually. That’s what makes finishing one so satisfying. Finally this world you have created is complete, you’ve had a stack of fun creating it and now you just want to set it free.

Today I’m breaking with tradition and instead of marking the close of one project, I’m announcing the beginning of a new one.  Frankly, sometimes I think starting a book is almost as hard as finishing one. Do you know how daunting a blank page is?  Word count:  zero. It’s scary. That’s why, the hundreds of people out there who say, “I’m going to write a book one day,” never do!

Yesterday, after two weeks of procrastination I opened up a fresh new word document and typed the words, ‘Chapter one’  at the top, set up my pages numbers, my headers and footers and then realised there was nothing left for it but to start.  Oh cripes! Where? I do have a lot of ideas for my third novel, but there aren’t in any particular order yet.  My characters are in my head but they’re not “real” yet until they start walking around on the page and talking back to me. At the moment, I’m still a stranger in my own world – kind of like being at a party and not knowing any one.

Two hours later, I had 648 words on the page. It was rubbish as you’d expect from a first draft but I was pretty pleased with myself because I’d broken a barrier. I’d started.  The words always come easier once I’ve begun.  So because I was feeling so happy about last night’s progress I just wanted to let you all know, my third book is now a WIP. (Work in Progress) YAY!


7 thoughts on “Chapter One

  1. Congrats on getting underway with Book 3 Loretta. I’m 18000 words into one and trying to resist pressing the delete button after every session. I agree the words do come easier once you’re into it. It’s that old internal critic that I can’t stand!.Good luck!

    • Yes, pressing the delete button is very hard to resist. I write the first sentence six times and finally decide to just move on even though I’m still not happy with it 🙂 It’ll keep for edits:)

  2. Well done, you’ve started! 🙂
    I’m very excited about your new book coming out in January. I’ve seen that it’s even available via Amazon now. That’s great news as I had your first one shipped over from Australia. Shipping will be much cheaper now.

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