I Have Two Books Coming out in 2013!

No, you didn’t read that wrong.  Though, yes, I still have trouble believing it myself. People often say to me, “You have four kids all under five years old, where do you get time to write?”  Actually, it’s more like, “How the F%$K! have you written two books this year?” Well, short answer, “I don’t know.”  Longer more philosophical answer… a) I have an extremely supportive family who helps out a lot and b) I love writing too much not do it.

Just elaborating on my second point…  The thing with writing is that it’s as much a hobby as it is a business for me.  I LOVE writing.  I use it as an escape from the rest of my life. (ie. The housework and the four kids) Frankly, the only way to do that these days is to live partially in an alternate reality. J So come hell or high water I’m always trying to find a spare minute to get back to it.  Bascially, if I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing. So I guess that’s why it gets done because the motivation to have a break is so huge.

Anyway, without getting bogged down in all this self reflection, I have an announcement to make. Next year in February, Random House is launching a new e-book line called “Random Romance.”  And my romantic comedy novella,  “One Little White Lie,” is going to be one of the titles in the line up for first release. Very, very excited!   To celebrate, I’m posting for the very first time, the blurb. Enjoy !


One Little White Lie

February 2013 – Random House Australia


A romantic comedy novella

What do you do when your best friend is the serial match maker from Hell?

Single girl Kate Dreson knows that her friend, Lisa, is not going to leave her alone unless she tells her that she is happily dating someone. Who knew that one little white lie could so blatantly backfire?

The imaginary boyfriend she described to her friend so lovingly suddenly walks into her life and starts making himself comfortable in it.

Trapped by her lie, poor Kate is powerless to stop him. But the real question is, does she really want to?



The Artist

On the Sunday just gone, I had High Tea at the Metamorphosis Art Gallery in Willetton. The function was organized by Willetton Rotary club to raise funds for Read-Write-Now, an organization that helps improve adult literacy. A totally great cause!

Anyway, I had an inspired time. There was a great turn out, about sixty people and the food was divine. I really enjoyed Jana Vodesil-Baruffi’s presentation on understanding art. Mainly because I know nothing about painting and how works are created. Now at least I have a few buzz words in my vocab that I can bring out for special occasions.  Such as, “I like impressionist paintings that lean towards realism.” How good do I sound now?

I also learned that artists are pretty much the same all over. Whether you’re a writer or a painter we all have three things in common. Firstly and most importantly, we have the passion. We ENJOY what we do. We do it for fun. Not to earn money. The money may come later but it’s not a factor in whether we do it or not. Which brings me to my second point:   The addiction. We LOVE what we do so much we physically can’t do without it. We couldn’t give it up even if we tried. Even if no one wanted to see our work. When I’m looking after my kids, my stories are always playing in the background. I can’t seem to escape my alternate reality.

And last but not least, it’s for praise. What all artists crave more than anything else is for someone to look at, read, watch, experience our work and say, “Wow, I really enjoyed that.” It’s amazing what those five little words can do for a writer, which is why most of us love talking to readers and getting feedback.

I gave my presentation after Jana and it was wonderful to talk to a group of people who were so interested and supportive of my work. There were so many questions afterwards, which I hope I answered satisfactorily.

Here’s to ENJOYMENT, ADDICTION and PRAISE. May it never end!

I thought I’d seen it All

Writing has it’s pitfalls and plusses, good weeks ad bad weeks, days when the ball keeps rolling and moments when the muse leaves the building or worse is passed out drunk on the kitchen floor.

Frankly, I’ve seen it all and have learnt to take the good with the bad.
But this week, I was dealt a new hand. Something I never expected to add to my personal list of pet hates. May I cast your attention to exhibit 1 pictured above, the scene of the crime. Yes that’s right.

My ‘f’ key is missing.

Do you know how annoying it is to write on a key board that has no ‘f’ key? Sure the button still works if you press it real hard. But for a person who touch types generally as fast as they think, this is a nightmare.

Sometime in the last 24 hours it just vanished. One minute it was there and the next … gone! At this stage I am suspecting foul play. Actually, if I’m really honest, I am suspecting three foul players aged between 1 and 4. Any one of these perpetrators could have inserted their tiny finger nails between the groves of my keyboard and popped my poor, defenceless ‘f’ key right from it’s socket and made off with it.
I have to confess that it was particularly vulnerable this week. Carl swore a lot in the last book making the spring beneath rather loose and worn.

So now I have put a reward out for it’s timely return- Two Freddo frogs to the person who returns my ‘f’ key and no questions asked.

While there has been plenty of interest in the reward, results are yet to be forthcoming. (Grrr!) But rest assured, I will keep you all posted on any future developments.

Meet Me for High Tea at Metamorphosis Art Gallery

In ten days I’m doing my bit for charity by going out for High Tea at Metamorphosis Art Gallery in my local area.  Want to come along? This event is all about raising money to improve Adult Literacy through the organization Read-Write-Now.   What a great name! That could almost be my own motto.

As you’ve probably guessed, reading and writing has always been a great passion of mine so I am all for supporting such a worthy cause.  It’s also a great chance for me to see all the talent in my local area from art work to music to costume design.

Really looking forward to it.

As part of the event I’ll be giving a short presentation about my own journey as a writer and how I came to be published. So if you’d like to come along and talk about that with me, I’d love to meet you!

The event details are as follows:

Date: Sunday 14th October

Time: 3 to 6pm

Venue:  Metamorphosis Art Gallery (u7/16 Yampi Way Willetton WA 6155)

Cost: $55 per person (includes entertainment by local artists, champagne, savoury and sweet foods, coffee and tea)

To book a table contact Kevin Baruffi of the Rotary Club of Willetton at Kevin@baruffi.com.au

For more information about Read-Write-Now visit their website: http://read-write-now.org/