The Black Moment

Newborn baby = no sleep at night
1.5 year old girl = Lap and hip is often occupied.
3 year old boy = High levels of aerobic exercise during the day
4.5 year old boy = Twenty questions every five minutes about nothing
Suffice it to say, I am very tired and am not operating at 100% brain functionality. Being a mother of three was a lot of work. Being a mother of four is back breaking – not that it doesn’t have some rewards. A little smile, an unsolicited kiss or a pearl of toddler wisdom will get me every time.
However, rolling from one kiddie crisis to another has left me emotionally broke.
The proof was in the pudding when today I started crying at the point the beast appears to die in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” I’ve seen this film like fifty times and I know it has a happy ending. But my tear ducts just seem to have a very light trigger these days. My three year old was watching the film this morning and to my horror I felt myself welling up when Belle whispered, “Don’t leave me. I love you.” Not to say, the scene wasn’t very well done.
Writers call this point in the story “The Black Moment.” You know, the point where all seems lost but of course it’s not… it’s just the beginning of a fantastic resolution. The black moment puts your heroine in the darkest possible cave you can find and then forces her to find a way to crawl out of it. There’s a lot of different theories on where in your story, “the black moment” should occur but no hard and fast rules. You can also have more than one black moment if you like. I personally, am in favour of multiple “black moments”.
Maybe that’s why I have so many kids. Ha ha! Every day seems to have extreme challenges. But in writing and motherhood it seems to be the way of things.
Have a great week!


4 thoughts on “The Black Moment

  1. Great writing advice! You’ve taken on so much Loretta, that of course you’ll be overwhelmed. You are a heroine in your own extraordinary narrative! Get through one day at a time I guess, until it gets easier x

  2. Loretta, you’re an inspiration! I struggled with two children 8 years apart and abandoned even trying to write for the better (or worst) part of 20 years! Yet here you are with 4 kids under 5, a book under your belt and another in the pipeline…and you still find time to blog. You are an extraordinary woman 🙂
    Tears are allowed, they cleanse the soul. Thanks for sharing this lovely blog. I love the sleeping angel. All the best xxx

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