Giving Birth

Well, tomorrow I go into hospital to give birth to baby number four. My new son. Damn, I’m looking forward to getting my body back. I’m not one of those women who enjoys being pregnant. Its hell and it’s been especially hell trying to write a book at the same time.
However, I must say in years to come when I look back on this book and this time, it will always make me think of my youngest.
He has been with me writing, “The Girl in the Hard Hat” from the beginning. After I found out I was pregnant I signed a two book deal with Random House about a week later. And then the fun began. I used my pregnancy to keep myself on schedule. At 20 weeks, I had to be halfway through the book. And luckily I was. I had a week by week word count that had to get done. My son kept me on the straight and narrow. And now that I’ve finally finished my project, he’s coming out to see the results.
Next post, I’ll show you how he’s going! Wish me luck!


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