New Baby, New Ideas

It’s been an eventful week! On the 22nd August, 2012 my son Michael was born. At birth he was 3.856kg and 51cm.   Little angel.

Unfortunately, I didn’t witness him coming into the world. Due to complications with my C- section I was under general anaesthetic when he was born.  The following six days in hospital were difficult. But I am definitely on the mend and on the road to a full recovery.

Michael is a very good sleeper and a very good feeder. At least, he has been first ten days of life. If you’re a mother, you’ll know, circumstances can change in an instant. I’m just counting my blessings for the moment.

It was great to come home.  I missed my kids and the comfort of my own bed. And hospitals can be very depressing. I was hoping to do a lot of reading while I was there. My TBR pile is enormous. But due to the drugs and tiredness, I probably did more thinking instead. I’m in that strange lull period between one story and the next. For a writer that can be both scary and freeing. There’s no constant chatter in the background where the characters in your current work in progress are deciding what to do next. It’s very quiet. So instead of eavesdropping internally, I’m doing it externally -hoping that the next big adventure might leap out at me sometime soon. You never know where the next idea is going to come from.  Stay tuned and I’ll tell you when my muse is back in the building!


Giving Birth

Well, tomorrow I go into hospital to give birth to baby number four. My new son. Damn, I’m looking forward to getting my body back. I’m not one of those women who enjoys being pregnant. Its hell and it’s been especially hell trying to write a book at the same time.
However, I must say in years to come when I look back on this book and this time, it will always make me think of my youngest.
He has been with me writing, “The Girl in the Hard Hat” from the beginning. After I found out I was pregnant I signed a two book deal with Random House about a week later. And then the fun began. I used my pregnancy to keep myself on schedule. At 20 weeks, I had to be halfway through the book. And luckily I was. I had a week by week word count that had to get done. My son kept me on the straight and narrow. And now that I’ve finally finished my project, he’s coming out to see the results.
Next post, I’ll show you how he’s going! Wish me luck!


For a writer, the publishing process has its highs and lows. Structural revisions can be trying or satisfying copy editing can be tedious or reassuring and doing promo interviews and blogs can be fun but also time consuming.

One aspect of the publishing process I always enjoy, however, is the creation of the cover. I think many authors do. It’s always fun to see how an artist or graphic designer has represented your story with one catchy visual image.  Seeing potential covers for the first time, refining those covers and ultimately coming up with the best one to market a story is exciting. Some publishers let the author have more say than others. I’ve been lucky in that my opinion has always been sought for the covers of my books.

The cover for “The Girl in the Hard Hat” is being finalized as I write this. Unfortunately, I can’t show it to you yet but hope to do a big reveal very soon. Originally, Random House was hoping to put a girl on the front wearing or holding a hard hat. My editor bought a hard hat online. It sat on her desk for a few weeks while they sorted out a photographer and a model. She got lots of comments from her colleagues about the type of authors she must have to deal with if she needs a hard hat to get through it all.

In any event, after the pictures were taken that still didn’t seem quite right. So Random House went back to the tried and true method of trying to buy images from a media company.  Eventually, after much trial and discussion they found the perfect model for my heroine, Wendy. Though unfortunately, she will not be wearing a hard hat for the cover.

I remember when “The Girl in Steel Capped Boots” came out, some of my male friends wanted to know how these models were chosen. They asked me whether I got to interview a stack of beautiful women and then pick one- you know, your typical male fantasy.  Unfortunately, I had to disappoint them and reveal that this was not the case, and “no” I couldn’t introduce them to the woman on the cover. I didn’t even know her name.

These days most covers are made up of a collage of pre-taken or stock images purchased from a media company.  Particular genres are given particular styles too so that readers will pick up a book and know immediately from the layout of the cover what sort of story it’s going to be.

I’m really looking forward to sharing my next cover with you. Watch this space because it won’t be long now…

A Release Date and A Blurb!

There was no blog last week because I’ve been busy trying to finish the book and ALLELUIA! It is done! All 106 000 words of it.  Yay! Can’t believe I made deadline. It’s been such a race.  A killer race. I’m nearly dead on my feet. Any more stress and I’d be in a coma.

To celebrate my upcoming rest period, I have two things to share today.

Firstly, release date for, “The Girl in the Hard Hat” will be January, 2013. So mark that one in your diaries.

And secondly, something a little more exciting…. Now that I’ve FINISHED THE BOOK, I finally feel confident to release the blurb courtesy of my publisher.  Here it is…


The Girl in the Hard Hat

By Loretta Hill

 To tame a bad boy you will need:

a.      One hard hat

b.      350 sulky FIFO workers

c.       A tropical cyclone

Wendy Hopkins arrives in the Pilbara to search for the father who abandoned her at birth.

Getting mixed up in construction site politics at the Iron Ore wharf just out of town was not high on her ‘to do’ list.

But when she takes a job as their new Safety Manager she becomes the most hated person in the area. Nicknamed ‘The Sergeant’, she is the butt of every joke and the prime target of notorious womanizer, Gavin Jones.

Giving up is not an option, though.

For, as it turns out, only Wendy can save these workers from the coming storm, find a man who wants to stay buried and … put a bad boy firmly in his place.

From the author of The Girl in Steel-Capped Boots comes another funny and deliciously romantic tale of a woman in a man’s world.