The Moments They Don’t Show You

Apparently, or so I’ve been told, there has been an increase in depression amongst social media junkies. It all happens when they get online to see pictures on facebook of Kym’s amazing ski holiday, Julie’s gorgeous kids and Tamara’s great family day at the beach. Or they read on twitter, that Francine got a new house, Kelly is enjoying her new job and Laura just purchased some awesome outfit at some exclusive boutique up town. It’s no wonder they can’t help but look at themselves and think. “Geez, my life really sux!”
Yeah well, the the truth is, we can’t all be having a fabulous, successful, stress free time, all of the time. Your friends just show you the good bits as you do with them. Nobody wants to put a non-glamorous photo on facebook.
Until now!
I’m here today to challenge norm. I say celebrate those bad hair days, your messy house, your snotty sick kids, your complete lack of enthusiasm in your current job and all those pictures that you would NEVER share on facebook. These are the moments that make life interesting.
And for me, it’s those moments that inspire the comedy in my writing. In fact, I’m forever writing those moments in my life down for fear that I might forget them when I need them later. There’s nothing more human or empathetic then a character that stops to look at themselves and exclaim. “OMG! How did I get here?”
Just to prove my love of these moments, I promised one of my best friends that I’d buck the system and stick a picture of myself in the morning on facebook! I’ve also attached it to this blog. Definitely not my best time of day, and yes those PJ’s are older than they look and the bottoms don’t match the top. My youngest is actually a girl but she’s wearing her brother’s hand me downs in this photo because I haven’t made it to the shops yet to get her anything girlie for winter. That bowl she’s trying to tip over is actually my breakfast, which I’ve been trying (without success) to eat all morning. That heap of junk it’s sitting on is my dining table which I don’t think I’ve seen in over a week.
So please, join the rebellion! Like my photo or stick up one of your own! Best way to fight depression is with laughter.
Have a great day!


7 thoughts on “The Moments They Don’t Show You

  1. Lorretta

    So true – we all want to show the world when we hold it together but we all need to share when we’re not so we know we are the only ones – life isn’t perfect “media bites”… It’s all the bits in between …

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