THE GIRL IN A HARD HAT set for release early 2013

I was very pleased to make the above announcement over the weekend after having finally set the title in stone with my publisher.
I started writing this book in January this year and am currently half way through. I’m really enjoying the story. So I’m hoping it will have a good reception. The story follows Wendy Hopkins, a girl who appears in the final chapter of “The Girl in Steel-Capped Boots.” She is the new safety Manager on the Cape Lambert Wharf and has a few interesting problems of her own. I hope to post a blurb soon!

My deadline is August and I seem to be on schedule. Actually, there isn’t really much give in my target considering I’m also having a baby in August too. That’s right, I’m going to be a mother of FOUR children. Don’t ask!

Many of my readers have been asking for a release date. Well, it all depends on whether I manage to make the deadline. If I do and I am aiming to, it will be a January release. But of course, being pregnant and having three kids to look after AND writing a book at the same time, is in fact, surprise, surprise, rather stressful.
So wish me luck! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that book comes before baby! I’ll keep you posted.


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