Thank God For Mum

I never realised until I became a mum myself exactly how much sacrifice was involved. Not just of my leisure time or the extra things in life that I can easily part with if I need to. Every part of my existence is affected.
In fact, most of the time mums don’t get to choose what they give up. It just happens.
After all, if you are faced with the difficult choice of choosing between your child and your career or your child and your knitting class or your child and your hair appointment, dental appointment, coffee date, new dress… the list goes on… which are you going to choose? To me it’s a no brainer. Of course, I will choose my child.
If the sacrifice is difficult to make, I will try and explore other ways to satisfy both child and my own needs. But in the end, if it’s too hard, the child always comes first.
So what about writing – one of the bigger passions in my life. Since my first child was born nearly five years ago, it’s taken some large hits in terms of the time and attention I can give to it.
And I’ve given that up willingly for the sake of my children. Until… The Girl in Steel-Capped Boots was published. Suddenly, I have a new book to write, a deadline I have to meet and three children still depending on me. This time however, I went looking for alternative solutions other than self sacrifice.
Where do you think I went first?
The woman who raised me is then faced with a difficult choice. The daughter she loves or her own busy life filled with commitments and goals of her own. This time, as it has been many times in my life, my mother chooses sacrifice. This time, as she puts me first in her life, I realize how big that is. And how giving that is. And how lucky I am.
Thank God for mum.
In celebration of Mother’s Day this year, I’ll be doing a signing at Dymocks Garden City on the 12th May. So if you’re looking for a personal gift for mum, come on down and I’ll sign a book for you.
I don’t know what I’m doing for my own mum yet…. Definitely something special…


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