So I’m writing my next book and I’m about half way through and I still have a major problem with my hero. I just can’t seem to fall in love with him. Usually by this stage into a manuscript, I’m just as in love with my hero as my heroine is, if not more. Sadly, this time I was just not getting it… or her for that matter. In fact, if she were my girlfriend the advice I’d be giving her would be, “Honey, you can do better.” After extensive chats with all my critique partners, my husband and my sister, I spiralled into depression.
What am I going to do! I’m halfway through this book and I just can’t get the main attraction right! So I did what I had to do whenever I get blocked. I stopped writing. Not exactly an ideal solution considering I’m actually on a time frame here and I can’t afford to take extensive breaks to feed the muse. Even if the kids are sick, the family is over from the eastern states and I have a zillion other things I could possibly occupy myself with. Eg. This morning, I fed the muse by sorting my daughter’s clothes into two piles. “Fit” and “Don’t Fit.” 🙂
Finally, after 6 days of waiting and thinking, and not writing, it came to me. A Brainwave. I was sitting on the couch at 8.45pm tonight watching “The Voice” of all the things when an idea I hadn’t even realised I’d been thinking about popped into my head. It has put me in such a good mood. The first thing I did was write it all down so I wouldn’t forget it. The next thing I did was write this blog! Of course, I can’t share my idea. You’ll just have to read the book but the muse is back in business baby and tomorrow is going to be a writing day. Can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “Brainwave!

  1. Good on you….and on your Muse! It’s always good to put some distance between you and – whatever is bugging you. A problem, relationship disharmony or, as in your case, writers block. Good that your ink, ahem, keyboard, has started to flow again.
    Happy writing.

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