Mad Men and Writing

In our very limited free time together, my husband and I like to chose a television series, buy the box set and then work our way through it at our own pace. With three kids, and decreasing access to babysitters, this is an easy, low commitment, relaxing way to spend time together.
We have just started on a very interesting American show set in the 60s called Mad Men. It’s one of those great shows, that after every episode, you just have to talk about it. The story gets under your skin and bites.
So what has all this got to do with writing. Well, I think every writer wants to write a book that gets people thinking and talking, myself included. Readers want to be transported to another world. A world they’ve never been before to be entertained and amazed. It’s all about escapism. In the case of Mad Men- Why not get away to the 60s for 40 minutes and just immerse yourself in the issues and problems of the characters of that time without actually facing any of the consequences yourself at all. Marvellous.
I love a good romance because I get to experience all the highs and lows of falling in love again and again and again from the comfort of my own couch. However, I also love the learning and exploration experience of reading and just the plain fantasy of it all. This is why I am so lucky that romance goes so well with so many other genres such as historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, mystery, suspense, comedy… you name it. It’s been married to romance before and I read them all, depending on mood and inclination.
I think writers can learn a lot from what they read and look for in books themselves. Whenever, I find myself enjoying a new story I always ask why. When you’re always breaking up stories into technique and mechanics, I guess it does take the fun out of it a bit. But I suppose that’s just an occupational hazard. 
Let the escapism begin!


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