My New Website

After the awful experience of having my old website hacked in February, I decided to re-boot, re-design and re-invent. Of course, after the decision was made, I had no idea where to start. My first website was a backyard job done by yours truly. I lost nearly everything so I didn’t want to try and piece it back together only to risk losing it all again in exactly the same fashion. I am VERY time poor at the moment.

Luckily however, after a little shopping around, I discovered the very talented, very easy to work with web designer and author in her own right, Paula Roe. Ta! Da! You must check out what a fantastic job she’s done. I’m really looking forward to settling in here and sharing all my news on these fancy new pages. Also want to say, I am definitely going to be blogging, tweeting and facebooking more now that I’ve got all my ducks in a row. So thank you for your patience and please stay tuned!


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