My Trip to Sydney

Early March I took a short trip to Sydney to be keynote speaker at a dinner being held by the NSW Minerals council. I was to address about a hundred women and possibly their partners too, who work in the mining industry. Suffice it say, I was extremely nervous. There were about five other speakers, all of which were either CEO’s or company directors. I was the bit of fluff they’d wedged between the main meal and dessert. In the end, I decided to try to be as entertaining as possible to make up for my lack of credentials. I threw a few funny stories together and an extract from my book and whala, I had a speech. I must have practiced that thing about fifty times. Despite the stage fright, I did manage to get through it.
Actually, I didn’t just get through it. I really enjoyed giving it. They were a really supportive audience. They clapped loudly after I read the extract. I think many of the women related to the scene I’d chosen, Lena’s first and last bus ride to site. I also had a fabulous time in general! What a wonderful group of women- all so passionate about their country and their industry. It was a lovely night to listen to stories and of course, share my own.
During my trip, I was also fortunate enough to squeeze in a visit to Random House. As I live in Perth, I’ve only ever had a phone and email relationship with the team at RH. Tell you what, it was lovely to step into such a pretty office! Such different decor from my engineering work place. The walls were decorated in some parts with flowers! And there are so many bookshelves, full of every book you’ve ever wanted to read but never had the time. They just made the place look so alive with stories. What a great atmosphere to work in.
The highlight was meeting my publisher Beverley Cousins and signing our next contract together. (Pictured above) So now I’ve officially signed on for two more books! Looking forward to getting busy on them.


One thought on “My Trip to Sydney

  1. I was at the Women in Mining dinner in Sydney and enjoyed your speech immensely. As a woman who ‘did time’ in Mt Magnet, WA as a young mining engineer, your stories brought back some very funny memories.
    Thank you so much for coming to the dinner and I look forward to reading your book, which I am about to order.
    Anna Walsh

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