The Funniest Thing

(Originally posted January 2012)

The funniest thing happened to me while I was in the checkout line at Big W yesterday. I happened to notice that the lady in front of me was holding a copy of my book with obvious intentions of buying it. At first I wasn’t going to reveal myself because I looked terrible. Having just left the kids at home with my mother to dash out to grab a few things, I was wearing my un-ironed skirt, stay-at-home-mum t-shirt and a very dumpy pony tail. But in the end I decided to throw caution to the winds and said, “Excuse me, you know that book you’re buying…. I er… I wrote it.”

She was stunned. “What! You’re kidding me.”

“Er… yeah that’s me on the back.” I winced as she flipped it over to make the comparison, hoping she would find some similarities between the immaculate, perfectly, groomed female smiling at a professional photographer to the “Did you just fall out bed?” female standing in front of her.

“Oh Wow! That is you! You know, I heard you on the radio yesterday and I thought this was just the sort of book I would like to read so I came out to buy it.”

“You did?” While I was making mental notes about the success of radio advertising as a way to sell books, she started drawing the attention of her friend who was also in the check out before her.

“Will you look at this, this is the author of my book.”

“You’re kidding!” exclaims her friend.

And the check out girl stops serving her. “Really, this lady wrote that book. Wow!”

My new reader is waving it excitedly, “Yeah I mean how lucky is that. Must be the same odds as winning the lottery or something…. I mean, how likely is that you’ll be buying a book and the author of it just happens to be standing behind you in the line. It’s crazy!”

By that time however, I’ve moved from crazy to gratitude and start gushing. “I really hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for buying it. It was so great to meet you!”

As my reader then realises that I’m still standing right behind her, she slaps her head. “Oh streuth! Have you got a pen? Has somebody got a pen! Anybody! A pen!!! ”

After some rummaging around, and people in other check outs turning around to see what’s going on, someone produces a pen and I sign her book.

“You made my day!” she says as she leaves the check out waving enthusiastically.

I’m just as ecstatic. “No, no, no. You’ve made mine!”


3 thoughts on “The Funniest Thing

  1. Just dropped by as I have just finished reading your book. Thanks for sharing this post it put a smile on my face.

    Also wanted to say that having been an only female on many minesite or one of the few females and also having worked in the Pilbara your book was a page turner for me. Just sat for the whole day and read it in one sitting and loved it. Thank you.

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