The Best Day Ever

(Originally posted 2nd January, 2012)

After months and months of waiting, today was the official launch day of The Girl in Steel-Capped Boots. And what a day it was. Crazy, sweet, joy! On all fronts.
My day started off with an interview on 6PR radio with the lovely pair, Andrea and Kent. I was so nervous but somehow managed to answer all the questions without freezing up or forgetting basics… like my own name. Which let’s face it, after the state I was in the evening before, was entirely possible. I was inventing all sorts of embarrassing scenarios in my head. Like, what if I choke on my own spit or drop the phone. Luckily neither of those things happened. Nor did one of toddlers run in and try to snatch it off me. (They’re both obsessed with phones right now.) Anyway, my point is, I got through it and didn’t do half bad if I do say so myself.
After that, I decided to do some grocery shopping. Well, that was the excuse I used to scope out my local shopping centre for my book. Unashamedly I took a camera – like you do. The picture you see above was taken at Big W, my local. I’m sure the other shoppers were disconcerted by my gasping and pointing. But it’s my first book with Random House. I must be allowed some liberties surely!

Then it was home again and lunch. After which, I had to get on the email and thank my fabulous publicist for teeing up the great interview I had that morning. Only there’s a few emails from her there already that I have to get through first. Reviews are in! This one made me cry.  (Just to clarify… WITH JOY) I’ve never been so humbled or touched by someone else’s appreciation of my work… ever!

Along with a couple of requests for more interviews and another book signing to which I was very happy to agree to, I also received my first real fan email. No, it wasn’t from a friend or family but a complete stranger across the other side of the country. Subject line: LOVED YOUR BOOK! If that alone didn’t make my day, the fact that she took the trouble to let me know, did.

So I’m trying to come down off this high so I can start doing some important stuff… like feed my children when my husband walks in the door. He’s home from work and hands me a copy of The West Australian.

Yep, there it is on page 7 of the Today lift out. Another great review of The Girl in Steel-Capped Boots. The perfect ending to a wonderful day!

Now I know this is my ten things day and on such a great day I definitely don’t want to disappoint. So right here, I’m going to mention the ten people in my life who gave me the support needed to write and publish this novel.

Todd, Juanita, Ivan, Jacenta, Marlena, Angela, Shirley, Steve, Nicola, and Clare.
And to say thank you to each of them again from the bottom of my heart.

Xo Loretta


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