Ten Traits of My Ideal Writing Room

(Originally posted February 2012)

I think every writer would love their own personal office or at least their own personal space reserved specifically for them and their writing. The reality is often quite different. At the moment I do all my writing on a lap top on our dining room table. That’s right. I don’t even have my own desk let alone a study. I basically work in a thorough fare so I can loosely keep an eye on my kids at the same time… if I have a babysitter I sometimes go into my husband’s study where there are less distractions. So how come he gets his own room? I can hear all the feminists protesting. I wouldn’t exactly envy him. His study also doubles as our store room. So essentially it’s wall to wall crap with a desk in the middle. Not exactly creativity inspiring.

So this Valentine’s Day rather than thinking about the perfect mate, (as I’ve already got one of those) I’m going to focus on the perfect room… in particular a writing study. Okay, here are the specifications.
1. It’s got have a giant window and a great view. Preferably an ocean view, palm trees optional.
2. An on suite with a built in spa. For those writer’s block moments.
3. Coffee machine! Yum, Yum! It must be particularly good at cappuccinos.
4. A huge desk with plenty of room to spread out
5. Large leather chair that can swivel and recline
6. Rather than a lap top, a real computer with a fairly large screen.
7. One wall must be floor to ceiling bookshelves with my own personal library of How-To and Research pertinent books
8. Temperature control. I want to set the room’s temperature at 25 degrees and it just stays that way all day.
9. A deluxe printer. Not the kind, that creaks and groans and runs out of ink halfway through printing a manuscript. But a show-off laser printer that can churn out 400 black and white pages in about five minutes.
10. And a couch with lots of cushions for thinking and editing on.
Wish list done! What’s your perfect study?


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